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On February 27 2022, the Government of Canada announced that it would immediately close its airspace to all Russian aircrafts until further notice. I was curious about where the aircrafts on Canadian airspace are registered, and did this visualization.


All airplanes seen by the OpenSky Network with flight state information derived from ADS-B and Mode S messages. Country information is parsed from registrations pulled OpenSky Network's aircraft database, else from OpenSky Network API's origin_country field. Operator information is pulled from OpenSky Network's aircraft database.


Data from The OpenSky Network,
Data transformation using Python with Pandas,
Map from Mapbox GL JS,
Map style from Mapbox Studio,
Emojis from OpenMojis,
Roboto font from Google Fonts,

My name is Pedro and I like visualizing (aircraft) data - used to be a Flight Attendant. Currently, I work as a Software Developer for Transport Canada.

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